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Силвия Петрова
T-Soft is an independent IT services company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We started in 2005 providing highly efficient manual and automated software testing services with the objective of enhancing the quality of the software products and systems our clients develop, while significantly reducing the overall costs. As a natural extension of the know-how, accumulated during the testing process, we have added technical support, technical writing and software development to the portfolio of our services. The synergy of all the different teams working together dramatically increases our productivity and the overall effectiveness for our customers.

During our 9 years of existence we have accumulated extensive experience working on complex projects for large and small software development companies, located in the USA, Western Europe, Israel and Bulgaria.

Our team of talented and dedicated experts and experienced management has proven time and time again that we deliver results on time and on budget, combining the best practices in the software development process with a mature project management. We can work as an integral part of your company, or we can provide independent third-party services for your customers. Whether you are looking for a complete IT services outsourcing solution or simply staff and specific know-how extension of your capabilities, we have the understanding and the expertise you need.